The Black House - Week 1 & 2

This is my first blog post. Ever. I know that I will use far too many exclamation marks, start sentences with the same word in each paragraph and make many grammar errors. I apologize in advance and I hope that you will forgive me for these annoying mistakes.

Here goes:

BLACK is the new black

My husband and I recently purchased a new property which will be our temporary home while we prepare to build a new home.

We are doing a mostly cosmetic upgrade to this ugly duckling and want to do something a little different that our previous renovations. The house is different to our previous renovation projects because we will not be doing up the kitchen or bathrooms this time - these have recently been done by the previous owner and we will be keeping most of the existing fittings and finishes. The house is also different from the previous projects in that it doesn't have the typical gable end that all of our previous houses have had. But with this one, we are going to do a slightly different colour scheme which is a bit out there..

It might be because it was stark white and in desperate need of a clean and some TLC, but I felt that the house is just begging to be black!

If you think I'm crazy, you're not alone. Just about everyone we've told about our colour plans has either given us a look that suggests that we might need therapy, or told us that we are, in fact, crazy. But I'm an architect. We love black!

Here are some images for inspiration. I love the way the plants stand out against the black walls and I think these houses look really elegant. I particularly like the play of the natural timber, green foliage and white/lighter grey elements against the black walls.

Since my husband is on board with the colour scheme, we've started the transformation. Here's a progress shot of the front of the house where we've started painting black on the walls and windows.

As you can see, we've tested some colours on the front door and the final colour is still undecided, although we're thinking of sanding the door back to the original wood. This will likely take some time as there are several layers of paint on the door.

Pity about that security door.. we will have to think up some solution to make that better.

I know its hard to see the end product right now but we've got big plans for the patio and garden spaces which I will share later but here's a few ideas for the patio design. Watch this space for more updates to come soon..

Acapulco chair from Leroy Merlin

Portland grey porcelain tile from EuroBath

Outdoor cushions from Superbalist

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