The Black House - Progress update

Some time has passed since my last post and we've made good progress on the Black house and I thought it is high time I post an update.

It is finally starting to come together and look like we intended.

We've built a boundary wall, moved the existing precast wall to our driveway and laid down some lawn in the front garden so the bedrooms actually look out onto something pretty rather than just a paved area that it was before.

We are now able to sit on the stoep and have a cup of tea and a chat after a long day's work with our dogs enjoying the extra bit of grass and shade of the new front garden, and our toddler running around on the lawn.

We will finish this area off by adding some plants to the beds in the next few days and finishing the last few bits of plastering and painting.

The back of the property still requires some work. Our plan here is to add a wire trellis to the white wall on the left - something like this:

We will also plant a few trees/higher shrubs along the edges and on the lower section at the cottage to create more privacy and to soften the building. I'm planning to add a few plants to the front porch area as well.

The boundary wall will be painted black like the house and we will add some lights onto the wall. We still have some way to go with this ugly duckling but she is quickly becoming more and more like the swan we knew she would!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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